1st Anniversary

Our anniversary year, commemorating one year since we opened our doors, features plans inspired by the hotel’s name, BELLUSTAR, meaning “bright shining star,” and the names of our five penthouse suites that symbolize our hotel: sora, hana, tori, kaze, and tsuki.

The concept is “BELLUSTAR TOKYO Celebration of Stars.” Five lights themed after our penthouse suites, sora, hana, tori, kaze, and tsuki, come together, and in the center a great, beautifully shining star begins to twinkle.We will provide stays and experiences at our hotel that will make our guests glow with accommodation plans and menus that invite you to a beautiful future.

1st Season (from May 19 to June 30) “Light of the Sky”
2nd Season (from July 1 to August 31) “Light of Wind”
3rd Season (from September 1 to October 31) “Light of Birds”
4th Season (from November 1 to December 31) “Light of Moon”
5th Season (from January 1 to March 31) “Light of Flowers”